Leverage data to mitigate hidden bias

Awari is a cognitive technology platform designed to raise awareness of unconscious bias within the workplace.

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1. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Analyze Performance Reviews

Combining advanced machine learning and natural language processing, Awari analyzes your performance reviews looking for any instances of bias within the written language. Once analyzed, see your results instantly.  

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2. collect data and raise accountability 

Monitor & Share Results

Increase accountability toward fostering an inclusive company culture tracking bias. You can access individual, departmental, and overall company biases progress at any time from any device. Share results with relevant personnel once analysis is complete.

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3. Take Action

Recommendations for Improvement

Receive  recommendations based on the analysis on what steps your team member, department, or company can take to lessen the impact biases may be having within your company.

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4. Works on All Operating Systems

Choose your platform

Our secure cloud-based technology is device and platform agnostic, meaning it will work on all operating systems across any device.

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Awari Launching Fall 2017

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Bias is resilient, but you can make systemic changes if you know where it exists...

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