Where other technology focuses on recruitment, Awari focuses on retention

Awari is a cognitive technology platform designed to raise awareness of unconscious bias within the workplace.

Kansas City, Missouri, March 10, 2017- Mellie Blue Branding, LLC (Mellie Blue) today introduced Awari.io, a cognitive technology platform designed to raise awareness of unconscious bias.  Built with advanced machine learning and natural language processing API's, Awari helps human resource and executive leaders discover hidden bias within written language, stores and tracks how these biases are changing over time within their employee base and company.

A workforce rampant with bias

Objectivity is the foundation of any great performance rating system. Unfortunately, most performance rating systems are anything but objective.

Retaining an employee is much more cost effective than hiring a new employee. Many studies indicate the total cost of losing an employee can cost tens of thousands of dollars up to two times that employee's salary.

One of the leading reasons most Americans leave their job is because they don't feel appreciated. According to a recent study by Accenture, lack of recognition (45%), internal politics (35%), and a lack of empowerment (31%) are the main reasons for people's unhappiness at their jobs. What could possibly be contributing to this feeling?

Our brains have a natural tendency to sort things into groups. This sorting is based on experiences we've had throughout life, whether those experienced occurred personally or were shared experiences from others.  This phenomenon often leads to snap judgements and in the workplace, what some psychologists call Idiosyncratic Rater Effect--- which tells us that a rating of a performance quality such as “potential” is driven by the idiosyncrasies of the rater versus the ratee.

When one person’s unconscious bias is applied to performance appraisals, it can lead to inaccuracy, favoritism and even unfair treatment of employees, based on their age, sex, race or sexual orientation. No amount of training can fully lessen it.

Awari raises bias awareness, tracks progress, and offers recommendations on how to bring affective change

Awari solves this problem by recognizing patterns of unconscious bias in performance appraisals and indicating, by applying a percentage and score, which biases dominate an individual, department, and in time an overall company.

While this cannot eliminate bias, it can help company leaders make better systemic decisions, leading to increased objectiveness in the performance appraisal process and cost savings.

Analyze Performance Reviews

Awari combines machine learning and natural language processing technology.  The combination of these artificial intelligence technologies helps Awari look for patterns that may imply certain bias.  The Awari platform will focus on race, gender, and age bias by cross-referencing company specific internal data and the language and sentiment of a raters performance review. This bias analysis will indicate positive, negative, or neutral bias associations. 

Monitor and Share Results

Awari will securely collect and store analysis data.  With each analysis Awari is able to paint a broader picture of what an individual, department, and eventually an overall company's biases may be. Each analysis can be shared with relevant personnel directly from the app once the analysis is complete.

Recommendations For Improvement

Knowing what types of biases exist from an analysis is part of the solution.  Awari will also make general recommendations of the appropriate steps needed to make changes toward bias.  For customers in need of a customized solution, they can always opt-in for Awari Strategic Consultants to help develop a course of action.

Choose Your Platform

Awari is a secure cloud-based technology that is platform agnostic. This approach allows companies to save money by not making any software infrastructure changes and the platform will work across varying operating systems and devices. 

Launching this Fall

Awari will launch early Fall of 2017.  This initial launch is only the beginning of a cognitive technology that will constantly evolve. Our mission is to help business leaders transform their organization by providing accurate data to aid in systemically mitigating bias.

We are seeking partnership with ten (10), forward thinking companies that have a minimum of 200 employees. These companies will have full access to our technology as well as early access to future development before the general public. If interested, contact us directly at discover@awari.io

About Awari

Awari.io is a Kansas City, Missouri based software development company aiming to mitigate unconscious bias from the workplace experience.  Our technology is to be used as a platform to raise awareness of hidden bias, help companies save money by providing data to make better workforce development training decisions, and to aid in fostering authentically inclusive company cultures. The company was Co-founded by Louis Byrd who serves as CEO and Ray Sanders who serves as Chief Technology Officer.